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Linden Public Schools


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Linden High School is a comprehensive community public high school located in Union County, New Jersey, serving students in ninth through twelfth grades as the lone secondary school of the Linden Public Schools.


Success at Linden High School is achieved through our rigorous academic program and wide range of extra-curricular activities offered to students. The educational program provides students with a selection of 171 different courses in 11 academic areas.


Academics at Linden High School are bolstered by the IB Program. The International

Baccalaureate IB, is a international educational foundation headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. IB offers students the prestigious IB Diploma Program. As a IB World School since 2001, Linden High School is one of the longest running IB Programs in the state.

In addition, Linden's Interscholastic Athletic Program is a vital component of the curriculum and instructional program of our school. The program offers student athletes an opportunity to learn and develop self-discipline and sportsmanship. The opportunity to participate is an important part of the student athlete’s total learning experience and is a privilege that carries with it a responsibility to the student body, parents and community. Although winning contributes to excellence, it is not the main focus of the athletic experience; instead the desire to excel and succeed as an individual and member of a team should be the highest priority.

Linden High School’s dedicated professional staff is committed to providing a rigorous and expansive academic program. In the classroom, teachers incorporate technology and instructional strategies that develop critical thinking skills, as well as content knowledge. Faculty at Linden High School use technology as a powerful transformative tool; curriculum and instruction feature wireless connectivity, digital multimedia devices, web publishing tools, and a wide array of subject specific software to enhance students' comprehension and skills.

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June 9, 2023

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